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Onscreen Audio Meters

From Cinema5d


It isn’t perfect by a long shot, but we’re making very swift progress this holiday weekend. I found the VRAM and was able to write a small task that monitors the audio levels at 30 Hz and draws a very simple level meter on the top of the screen. It is calibrated with 5 dB tick marks, but the ballistics are bad and it isn’t synced with the redraw period (causing it to flicker), but we’re running real code doing real work on the camera!

I promise you this is the most boring 45 second video you will ever see, but it provides a glimpse of the promise of what we can do with this camera.

EDIT: I found the calibration table for the audio device as well as some bugs in my drawing code. I’ve added calibrated 5 dB tick marks (-40 on the left to 0 dB on the right) and wrote some simplistic ballistics for the peak with a few second delay. The video is a new one to reflect the changes.


Keep On Signing Petition

We don’t give up until we have full manual control. This is why it is important that you sign to following petition:

Click on the link, read the content and sign it.
(takes about 15 seconds to sign it) 🙂

Thanks for your help!

Dear Canon,

Constructive Comments and Feature Suggestions

for the next firmware update

  • ADD: FULL MANUAL CONTROL in Movie Mode (that includes Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO settings)
  • ADD: More Frame Rates options in Movie Mode (24p, 25p)
  • Direct access to Movie Mode (instead of browsing menus with many clicks) //apparently already solved
  • IMPROVE: more Flexible and Faster CONTRAST AF in Movie mode if possible. Much useful if achieved!!
  • IMPROVE: Automatic white balance (AWB), specially in artificial light
  • IMPROVE: Auto LCD Brightness to Match recorded image
  • ADD: More Frames in BRACKETING MODE (up to 9, so important for HDR Photography, more and more used these days)
  • ADD: GAIN CONTROL (Mic Level) for external Audio input. Allow AUTO and MANUAL setting Level
  • ADD: CHROMATIC ABERRATION CORRECTION for JPG shoots (AUTO/MANUAL/OFF). Nikon has it (automatically corrects it and improves the image quality VERY much, since almost every lens has Chroma aberration)
  • ADD: Selectable lower and upper limit for Auto ISO
  • ADD: Mass storage device USB mode option
  • ADD: Built in microphone for audio notes (as in 1D series)
  • ADD: New Feature: allowing to REMAP hot / defective pixels by the user (Official function, not a workaround) This will save lot of money to Canon Tech Service.

Thx to “Pablov” from cinema5d

Manual Control Coming?

Great news!
Canon revised the White Paper for the 5D Mark II.
Manual Control might come…

Here is what it says:

Perhaps more importantly, with the EOS 5D Mark II’s large image sensor and its ability to use very fast lenses, users can obtain shallow, selective depth of field that is difficult or impossible to achieve with regular camcorders with smaller image sensors. This sensor size difference means that, for any given combination of aperture value, subject distance and angle of view, images from the EOS 5D Mark II will have shallower depth of field than images from a conventional HD device. EOS 5D Mark II users can take advantage of this feature to produce high quality HD movies. Canon is gratified at the overwhelmingly positive market response to the EOS 5D Mark II camera. Based on this success, it’s only natural that advanced users are looking for manual aperture control in movie mode, and Canon is listening to constructive comments and feature suggestions. In the meantime, we hope that our comments here will help to clarify the White Paper’s statements on depth of field control in movie mode.

Download the White Paper

Getting Canon’s Attention

A user has posted an interesting idea

Canon has certainly considered giving a firmware update with the features we want, but it all comes down to money, and someone must have decided they will make more (probably on a future 1D) by holding out.

Solution? We hurt their sales. Although reviews at Amazon, B&H, etc are meant to inform the consumer, no doubt companies like Canon monitor them as well. If Canon noticed their 5DII drop from it’s comfy 4.5 stars on Amazon and B&H down to something like 3 stars, certainly that would get their attention and cause some fear in their checkbook. Then when they look a step deeper they see that all the 1 star reviews are complaining about the neutered video.

People, let’s try it and see were we’re getting at!

(Thanks to Brett)

Shutter Speed Hack

Here’s a hack for ajusting the shutter speed:

Before going into live preview (movie preview mode setting) adjust the aperture to what ever you like then press and hold the DOF button whilst you press the lens release then turn the lens 2mm as if removing it.

Go into Live preview and point the camera at a strong light to get the ISO down to 100 and lock (hold) the camera ‘*’ settings. You can the adjust the shutter speed (depending on light levels).

You can press the ‘*’ to refresh the shutter range as you any have limited adjustments on the wheel.

You must have ISO 100 to get the fast shutter speeds.

Source (including Video) here

(I don’t know if it can harm the camera, therefor I don’t take any responsibility) 🙂

Canon Hack

Great news…

There is a web site ( which collects money and gives it to the first who will provide a hack for the 5D. 🙂
If Canon isn’t listening then their customers will do the job!

There are already people who started with the hack.
Check out this web site.

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