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Onscreen Audio Meters

From Cinema5d


It isn’t perfect by a long shot, but we’re making very swift progress this holiday weekend. I found the VRAM and was able to write a small task that monitors the audio levels at 30 Hz and draws a very simple level meter on the top of the screen. It is calibrated with 5 dB tick marks, but the ballistics are bad and it isn’t synced with the redraw period (causing it to flicker), but we’re running real code doing real work on the camera!

I promise you this is the most boring 45 second video you will ever see, but it provides a glimpse of the promise of what we can do with this camera.

EDIT: I found the calibration table for the audio device as well as some bugs in my drawing code. I’ve added calibrated 5 dB tick marks (-40 on the left to 0 dB on the right) and wrote some simplistic ballistics for the peak with a few second delay. The video is a new one to reflect the changes.


Canon Audio Gain Hack

From a Cinema 5D Post



As an early goal, I have disabled the AGC for on the AK4646 audio chip that the 5D uses by overriding the sound_dev_task() at 0xFF856E60 to call audio_set_alc_off() at 0xFF856B14. The level is much too hot due to the wrong levels selected (it defaults to max gain?) but there is no shift in quiet scenes anymore. This is an easy first step that provides a proof-of-concept modification for the 1.0.7 firmware.

I can also log the audio levels as they are being sampled, which will make it possible to do on-screen level meters at some point in the future. My next step is figuring out how to add menus for the AGC disabling, then tackling the MVR_start_record() and LVAE_* functions.

Canon, we are tired of waiting for you to act. So, without you, we will first fix the obvious problems, then we’ll make it better. We’ll probably help you sell more cameras, too.

Shutter Speed Hack

Here’s a hack for ajusting the shutter speed:

Before going into live preview (movie preview mode setting) adjust the aperture to what ever you like then press and hold the DOF button whilst you press the lens release then turn the lens 2mm as if removing it.

Go into Live preview and point the camera at a strong light to get the ISO down to 100 and lock (hold) the camera ‘*’ settings. You can the adjust the shutter speed (depending on light levels).

You can press the ‘*’ to refresh the shutter range as you any have limited adjustments on the wheel.

You must have ISO 100 to get the fast shutter speeds.

Source (including Video) here

(I don’t know if it can harm the camera, therefor I don’t take any responsibility) 🙂

Canon Hack

Great news…

There is a web site ( which collects money and gives it to the first who will provide a hack for the 5D. 🙂
If Canon isn’t listening then their customers will do the job!

There are already people who started with the hack.
Check out this web site.

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