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Dear Canon,

Constructive Comments and Feature Suggestions

for the next firmware update

  • ADD: FULL MANUAL CONTROL in Movie Mode (that includes Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO settings)
  • ADD: More Frame Rates options in Movie Mode (24p, 25p)
  • Direct access to Movie Mode (instead of browsing menus with many clicks) //apparently already solved
  • IMPROVE: more Flexible and Faster CONTRAST AF in Movie mode if possible. Much useful if achieved!!
  • IMPROVE: Automatic white balance (AWB), specially in artificial light
  • IMPROVE: Auto LCD Brightness to Match recorded image
  • ADD: More Frames in BRACKETING MODE (up to 9, so important for HDR Photography, more and more used these days)
  • ADD: GAIN CONTROL (Mic Level) for external Audio input. Allow AUTO and MANUAL setting Level
  • ADD: CHROMATIC ABERRATION CORRECTION for JPG shoots (AUTO/MANUAL/OFF). Nikon has it (automatically corrects it and improves the image quality VERY much, since almost every lens has Chroma aberration)
  • ADD: Selectable lower and upper limit for Auto ISO
  • ADD: Mass storage device USB mode option
  • ADD: Built in microphone for audio notes (as in 1D series)
  • ADD: New Feature: allowing to REMAP hot / defective pixels by the user (Official function, not a workaround) This will save lot of money to Canon Tech Service.

Thx to “Pablov” from cinema5d


Crippled 5D Mark II

Here’s a nice theory why Canon crippled the 5D.

IMHO, 24p wasn’t included in the package because of fear that Canon would eat up its own sales on their prosumer and pro camcorder equipment. It would be the same reason why we don’t have any manual control and haven’t officially heard from Canon about a potential firmware update that would provide such features. The same thing happened when the HDV prosumers camcorders came out. Sony crippled the FX1 in a very similar matter (no 24p support anywhere, no 50i/25p on NTSC and no 60i/30p on PAL even though the hardware was exactly the same, except for the little “E” at the end of the model number). Only the higher-end model had customizeable framerate support and was slapped with a price tag double that of the FX1 for very little added value othewise. And even after 5 years, Sony didn’t put a firmware update to add multiple framerate support on the FX1, even though I’m pretty certain the hardware could have handled it.

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(Thanks to ericjut for the post)

White Paper

What page 6 says:

The 1080p HD video recording mode represents a paradigm shift for still photographers and videographers alike, and promises to open new creative doors and commercial opportunities for advanced, professional, and fine art photographers. With it activated, photographers and videographers can capture high definition video with depth-of-field control found only in professional video models—using much more affordable Canon EF lenses including fisheye, ultra-wide, and image stabilized lenses.

It clearly says: “photographers and videographers can capture high definition video WITH DEPTH-OF-FIELD CONTROL found only in professional video models”, wich is NOT actually true because the camera Movie mode controls EVERY setting automatically.

From the above statements, it is clear that Canon aims this camera not only to Photographers, but also to Videographers. And every Videographer know that Full Manual Controls are essential for professional use.

Canon SHOULD provide Full Manual Control on Movie mode, in order to offer to Photographers and Videographers what Canon stated before. This action WILL also increase Canon’s sales on this camera and their lenses too.

(thanks to the guy who posted this in the comments)

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