Mail To Canon

Here’s another nice mail someone wrote to Canon:

Hi there.

I have a simple question that I would be very grateful if you could see your way to answering.

In the Canon 5D White Paper the following claims are made:

“. . . videographers can capture high definition video with depth-of-field control found only in professional video models . . .”
“. . . The EOS 5D Mark II . . . provides amazing depth-of-field control . . .”
“. . . and none that had the depth-of-field control found in the EOS 5D Mark II . . .”

I have made a few enquiries (ref: ********************) and have been told by more that one Canon customer support staff that the only available depth-of-field controls are – walking towards or away from your subject and changing the lens (or focal length) to force a deeper (or shallower) depth of field.

So my question is: does Canon consider this kind of control the sort found only in professional video models ?

At this stage I would be more than happy with a simple ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.


3 Responses to “Mail To Canon”

  1. 1 Photographer / Videographer February 9, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    Well done (or well written in this case 🙂 )

    Either they get tired of receiving requests or they update the firmware (that is not so hard to do) to allow full manual control in movie mode.

    I also noticed that each Canon Tech support representative often gives different answers.

    Maybe the post telling to call the Canon center, and placing a suggestions is good. According to what the woman said, if it gets enough ammount of suggestions it can be leveraged to a product manager

  2. 2 5dfix February 10, 2009 at 8:23 am

    Yes, that’s possible… what I think concerning the responses is that they have templates they use and often don’t read your whole question.

  3. 3 Photographer / Videographer February 11, 2009 at 1:25 am

    yes, it’s possible.

    I did send a question about something related to the sensor, a hot pixel, and the answer was all about the LCD Display having a dead pixel.

    Obviously he didn’t read the question very well.

    So I replied, and the new representative that take the case did read well the message (I remarked thist time it was not related to the LCD Display, but to the sensor, etc. etc)

    And I got a more accurate answer.

    Anyway I didn’t get satisfied with the service, because of an inaccurate answer of an important question, that I later found a more reliable response.

    So in the mail that Canon sent me after 2-3 days, asking a survey, I completed it, but didn’t rate the service very high, and I explained why I didn’t.

    I hope they improve it.

    Still, the Nikon service is not the great deal either… Didn’t give me great impression. I didn’t get satisfied with some of their answers either. But I couldn’t say much, because I contacted them just few times.

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