Summary Of Facts (Part II)

  • The camera can shoot videos at shutter speeds exceeding 1/125 (the maximum previously specified by Canon) if light demands it and if the camera has no control over the lens’ aperture. Be careful of the strobing effect caused by high shutter speeds (Saving private Ryan is often quoted as an example)
  • You can use autofocus but it’s the contrast-detect kind, it’s slow, and if it has difficulties focusing (dark subject), it will temporaily overexpose your video, try to lock on something, and get back to normal exposure. In a word : don’t use it ! (OK that’s three words)
  • You can only shoot at 30 frames per second, which causes flickering artificial lights in all but NTSC countries. If your videos are ruined by that phenomenon, write Canon a little love letter and request a 24P/25P option, more suited to your country’s standards.
  • You can only shoot full HD (1080p) videos up to 4 gigabytes at a time, which translates into approximately 12 minutes. This is because all digital cameras use Microsoft’s FAT32 format which can only handle files up to 4GB even though you can use 32GB cards (over 32GB : to be confirmed).
  • You can’t capture the HDMI feed for uncompressed editing : page 124 of the manual states that when filming with the camera hooked to a HDMI TV, the image will be small even though the movie will be recorded in full HD. In reality the “image” is not “small”, just the definition is VGA. Perhaps the camera doesn’t have enough horsepower to output 1080p while capturing and compressing at the same time, so all you get is a copy of the LCD monitor (which is VGA).

(Thanks to Ralph-FR)


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