Summary Of Facts (Part I)

  • You have NO MANUAL CONTROL over shutter speed or ISO. You can trick the camera into choosing some value, but it’s only a trick, and it’s pure chance. Aperture is out of control too, unless you use non-EOS lenses with a (physical) aperture ring, or twist an EOS lens to break camera-lens communication after choosing the desired aperture value.
  • You can’t choose an exposure mode to shoot videos, no matter what mode the dial is in, the camera will use a sort of fully automatic, not easily (and just slightly) shiftable Program AE with auto ISO. Exposure mode is valid only for still pictures taken while filming.
  • You can lock exposure with the * button on the back, and you can get a “rough estimate” of the exposure settings chosen by the camera for video capture by half-pressing the shutter release, only when the camera display is set to Movie Display in the custom functions. Just don’t believe what you see when the shutter speed is longer than 1/30 ! these values are really those chosen for picture-taking while fiming !
  • You can alter exposure compensation while filming ; after an AE lock it effectively changes ISO, while aperture mostly remains at either f22, f16, f5.6 or your lens’ maximum aperture (example here). Be careful, when you get to the extremes of the exposure compensation scale, the camera will often change the aperture, resulting in dropped frames.

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